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Lever Type Valve

Lever Type Valve
Lever Type ValveLever Type ValveLever Type Valve
Lever Type ValveLever Type Valve

Diamant, Rosetta, Carat, Onyx Pro

Model:  C15000338
Part Number:  15000338

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Lever Type Valve, please use this and then select your required steam arm to make up a complete C15000420
(C15000422 = EX3 Lever type Steam valve & steam arm as fitted to EX3)

**Please note** If replacing old type lever valve as fitted to Diamant (front threaded section - thread continues up to hexagonal shoulder), additional parts will be required to adapt new type valve to fit.
1x C30370160 Fixing clamp lever tap
1x C30370141 Nut G5/8 x H26 Fitting for lever tap